5 tips to make your Mac faster

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5 tips to make your Mac faster

Is there anything worse than a computer working slow, especially when you are in a rush? It’s awful, we know. Usually, Macs run really smooth, but sometimes they join to the “rebellion of the machines”. That’s why we want to give you these simple -but powerful- tips to make your Mac run faster.

5 simple -but powerful- tips to make your Mac run faster

1. Restart your Mac often. This may be the most annoying answer coming from IT experts, but seriously, it helps! It happens that we just leave the computer on hibernation mode, even for days. Some resources could drain the memory of your Mac, so giving it a fresh start is a good idea. Try it out!


2. Clean your hard drive. The free space on your hard disk affects how your operating system performs. This is why you should clean it up from time to time. Clear your desktop, empty the trash and remove all those apps that you rarely use. You can even free a lot of space by removing the languages that your Mac doesn’t need, with the help of this app.

In this video, we show you how to remove an app from your mac: VIEW VIDEO


3. Manage your start-up programs. If your Mac takes too long to start, it’s time to check out your start-up configuration: go to “System Preferences”, select “Users & Groups” and select your user account. Now click on “Login items” and uncheck all the apps you don’t need running from the start.


4. Use the Activity Monitor wisely. Sometimes your Mac will run slow because of a lot of applications running in the background, even when you are not using them. Go to the “Utilities” folder, under “Applications”, and open the “Activity Monitor”. Now click on the “Memory” tab, which will show you the apps that are using most of your memory. You can close everything you don’t need.


5. Free some memory by reducing the visual effects. Some Macs can experience a boost when you relief the graphic hardware. To do so, open the “System Preferences” window and click on the “Accessibility” icon. Now check the “Reduce transparency” option. Another thing you can do to improve the graphic performance is to change the Dock effect: go to “Accessibility” and select the “Scale effect” instead of “Genie effect”.

Here are some more tips that you can use: 7 Things every Mac user should do

If you use these simple tips, you will help your Mac to run faster. Still running slow? Get to know how Proactechs can help you! Let us keep you in our Stress-Free Zone!

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