Apple’s home automation framework HomeKit

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Apple’s home automation framework HomeKit

Don’t you love how a lot of things that you saw in movies as a child are becoming true? And we are not just talking about Marty McFly’s shoes (which are great, BTW). We have in mind something called home automation (more like the Jetsons)

Home automation allows you to control devices in your home, such as lights, speakers, thermostats, detectors, sensors, surveillance, etc. You can manage these smart devices from any mobile device anywhere via (something like) Wi-Fi.

A couple of years ago, Apple released HomeKit, which is their framework for home automation. It works together with the Home app, announced at WWDC 2016. We will talk about the app later, in this article we want to show you 3 advantages that HomeKit offers if you have smart devices at home.


What’s the deal with the home automation HomeKit?

  1. With HomeKit you can simultaneously control smart devices: usually, you must control each smart accessory with its individual third-party app, which honestly can become tedious. HomeKit allows you to control all accessories with a single interface, even perform actions together. For example, you can set your lights to turn off at sundown every night automatically, and your window blinds simultaneously.
  2. HomeKit allows you use Siri voice commands to control accessories: now you can ask Siri: “Turn on the lights in the kitchen,” and it will be done! Even better, you can program a phrase to activate a sequence of commands, like saying “good morning” to automatically preheat your coffee machine and open your blinds.
  3. Concerned about security? HomeKit provides safety: it is well known that third parties could hack your home automation or steal your data through smart accessories. Good news is that HomeKit provides end-to-end encryption between your accessories at home and iOS devices. It keeps you safe!


To make HomeKit work with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you must run iOS 8.1 or later. If you have an Apple TV, you can use Siri commands to control your smart accessories. Apple Watch also supports HomeKit, thanks to watchOS 2. And here is a whole list of accessories that are compatible with HomeKit and your Apple devices.

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