Have a better data backup plan to avoid data loss

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Have a better data backup plan to avoid data loss

Data loss can happen anytime, and most of us are unprepared. It can ruin our day in an instant and no one is safe from accidental deletions, hard disk failure, malfunctions, thieves or even viruses so it is extremely important to have a data backup.

The importance of information, damage to storage devices, and natural disasters are a few reasons why you need to create a backup strategy. It’s important to note that a small business doesn’t need to spend the same amount of money on backup storage as a larger corporation may have to. Therefore the amount of space and type of storage has to adapt to your business needs and expenses in order to avoid spending more than you should.

There are 3 aspects you should keep in mind to have an effective data backup plan:

First off, you should devise a routine to backup and make copies of your data regularly.  Choose important files and back then up more often than others to save storage space. In the worst case scenario, you don’t want to lose days, weeks, or months of important data.

Backing up data is time consuming, so you can set up an automated process to a certain date and time.

There are plenty of ways to backup data. There are USB’s, external hard drives, and iClouds. Remote data backup reduces the risk of losing data from technical errors but it also takes a lot more time to recover from. We recommend saving your data using the 3-2-1 method. Have 3 total copies of your data, 2 of which are local but on different devices (DVD, external drives, etc.) and 1 copy on an offsite location (online). If you only mhave all your files on the computer that crashes, you may lose your backups so remember to save elsewhere.

You will be safe using this simple method and if you need more help with data backup security, please contact us. Our Management IT Services will keep your data safe, and your systems and networks in order to detect and fix any problems should it affect your business.

If it is too late and you hav ealready lost data, please do not panic. Bring it to us as we will do our best to recover your lost files and have you stress free!



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