Speed up your slow iPhone with these 4 tips

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Speed up your slow iPhone with these 4 tips

We have all experienced a slow iPhone one time or another, and it’s a nightmare. We tend to overload our smartphones with apps, data, messaging, and bad charging habits that make the iPhone not function to its fullest capacity.

It’s true most people want to have the latest apps, software upgrades, and product improvement features, sometimes we tend to forget there’s a little routine maintenance. This ensures your phone is running smoothly, especially if it is an older version.

There are a few things that you can do to solve a slow iPhone.

First, you can try to shut down all open applications by double pressing the home button to bring up the running apps. Swipe upwards to close the app, and that should clear some usage.

If that doesn’t seem to work, you can restart the iPhone completely by pressing the sleep button and home button until the Power Off slider appears. Swipe and wait for the iPhone to power down and after a short time, start the iPhone up again by pressing and holding the sleep button for about 5 seconds. You should see the Apple icon restarting the iPhone, and by doing so, you will have cleared up the RAM and fixed any misbehaving apps.

Another thing you can do is disable animations. Back in IOS 7, Apple introduced motion and animation effects. They look amazing but also slow your iPhone down, so it’s an option to disable it. You can disable them by going to Settings > General > Accessibility and toggle the “Reduce Motion” option to ON.

Alas, a more drastic option is to restore your entire iPhone. First, plug the iPhone into your Mac and open iTunes, then click the device, go to Backups, click ‘Back Up Now’ after it completes, select ‘Restore Backup…’ and select the latest one. Keep in mind that this action will completely format phone. If you want to keep your passwords make sure to select the ‘Encrypt iPhone backup’ checkbox before making the backup.

If none of these options work, you can bring you iPhone to us and we will gladly fix the problem!

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