How to use Time Machine to backup your Mac

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How to use Time Machine to backup your Mac


Backing up your files should be one of the most important things in your to-do list. Wait… is it still a to-do? Why not doing it now? Let us give you a hand, using this amazing tool called “Time Machine”.

You won’t believe how easy it is to backup your Mac

First of all, you will need an external hard drive. We strongly recommend a disk with twice the capacity of your Mac. For instance, if your Mac’s hard drive is 500GB, you should get a 1TB external drive to make the backup.

When you connect the external drive a popup will appear, asking whether you want to use that disk to backup with Time Machine. You must click on “Use as Backup Disk”. Check the “Encrypt Backup Disk” option if you wish to make your backup visible only to users with password… and that’s it! From now on Time Machine will automatically perform backups of your files.

ow to use Time Machine to backup your Mac. Proactechas Apple Authorized Service Provider

“I don’t see that message… what am I doing wrong?”

If you connect an external drive and you don’t see the popup, just go to “System Preferences” and click on “Time Machine”. You can also go there by clicking on the Time Machine icon in the menu bar.

Now click on “Select Backup Disk” and “Select Disk”. There you will see a list of the drives connected to your computer. Select the one you are going to use and click “Use Disk”. There you go!

Time Machine Back Up How To. Proactechs Miami Beach

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Follow this simple guide and your files will be backed up all the time. Do you need further help with your Apple devices? Get to know how Proactechs can help you! Let us keep you in our Stress Free Zone!


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