How technology has brought families closer to each other

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How technology has brought families closer to each other

The times have changed, it all seemed like it was yesterday when technology was seen as an isolating activity that would create barriers between family members; like the iPod-using, headphone-wearing kids, or parents and grandparents that could hardly understand the use of social media;  now it is seen as a tool that can bring loved ones closer.  

Nowadays, we see that those boundaries have fallen apart, and everyone enjoys technology in ways that seemed impossible a few years ago. You just need to see what social networks and mobile apps have done in the last few years. Each member of the family has found what app works best for them; they even have found others that can enjoy the same app together.

So, how this new world filled technology, with apps, devices and automation have helped bring our families together?

  1. A cousin in Rome, a nephew in Barcelona, grandparents in Miami and a son in Buenos Aires, no matter how far away from family members are, free chat apps like Skype, Whatsapp or Hangouts can bring them together in a matter of seconds.
  2. Family board game night is back! Just a little different than when we were kids, games like Scrabble, charades, Pictionary, have found their way into mobile devices and can be played even in the distance, and console games like Just Dance and Rock Band definitely spread the fun of video games to all generations.
  3. Entertainment; it’s at your fingertips. Video streaming services give you instant access to almost any movie or tv show you can imagine, plus, you can enjoy it without having to go out, so a movie night with the whole family is not that hard to achieve. The only exception is when watching something from HBO, one wants to see that with their family, it’s just weird… and uncomfortable.
  4. On the same train of thought, you can watch the same movies and tv shows with family members that are far away just by sharing your computer screen with apps like
  5. And finally, after years of younger users having to explain apps, computers, and technology to older relatives, now those same relatives are recommending new apps, giving device tips and tricks, sharing information, news, experiences and hobbies to their children and grandchildren online.


These are just a few ways in which technology have brought us together, so, if you happened to know a few others from personal experience, share them with us on our Instagram!


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