What is a Managed Services Provider and why your company should have one

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What is a Managed Services Provider and why your company should have one

Without a doubt, technology has become a key part of every business operational process. However, most businesses don’t have enough expertise or resources to handle their IT requirements. That’s why Managed Services Providers exist. Wait… but, what is a Managed Services Provider? And, more important: why should you have one? Let’s see.

What is a Managed Service Provider

A Managed Service Provider (usually abbreviated as MSP) is a company that takes care of your IT infrastructure, usually based on a subscription model. A MSP will proactively maintain your network and systems in order to detect and fix any problem that will affect your business.

This idea is an alternative to the normally used break-fix model: you call somebody to help you when something goes wrong with your IT infrastructure, and they come running to fix it… if they can. One of the many problems with the break-fix model is the reduction of performance while you wait for the issue to be solved. The model itself breeds inefficiency as longer resolutions result in higher revenue for the consultant.

Why you should have a Managed Service Provider

There are a lot of reasons why a Managed Service Provider is the best choice for your IT needs. Here are some of them:

1. A MSP has a predictable pricing: usually a Managed Service Provider works based on a monthly fee, which allows you to keep the cost under control.

2. A MSP hires professional staff: aiming to provide an excellent service, Managed Service Provider companies hire only highly trained personal. This will guarantee optimal solutions, whatever your business needs are.

3. A MSP is proactive: if you have a Managed Service Provider you don’t have to wait until something crashes. Instead of fixing bugs, your MSP will configure and watch over all your IT infrastructure in order to prevent future problems.

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