Why a Managed Service Provider will give you peace of mind

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Why a Managed Service Provider will give you peace of mind

A Few days ago, we explained in our blog what is the meaning of Managed Service Provider, and briefly presented some reasons[1]  why your company should have one. In essence, the right MSP will let you focus on your business operation instead of worry about the technology infrastructure supporting it.

So, let us get into some additional reasons to show you why a Managed Service Provider is an excellent choice for your IT needs.

4 reasons why use a Managed Service Provider

1. You gain access to IT expertise: Perhaps the most valuable offer from a Managed Service Provider is the access to a staff with specialist skills. Think about it just for a moment: having a trained, certified and experienced staff of professionals in any field at your disposal. Sounds great, doesn’t? Usually, a traditional structure would not allow you to tap into these type of resources.

2. Your operating costs will be lower: The cost of hiring, training, and retaining a decent IT staff is higher than using a Managed Service Provider. Not to mention the cost of the break-fix model, when your infrastructure has some failure and you have to stop your operation while you find somebody to come and put out the fire.

3. You use a proactive approach: Yes, we have to mention it once more. A Managed Service Provider will proactively identify and correct issues in your infrastructure before it becomes a problem, allowing your employees to be more productive. In addition, the best MSP must use the top technologies available on the market and will never become obsolete. This way your IT service is always upgraded without additional cost for your company.

4. Your IT staff can focus on important projects: Even if you already have a IT staff in-house, you can use a Managed Service Provider as a complement, by off-loading some of the infrastructure and software management. This can allow your IT staff to focus on more important projects -instead of that bunch of day to day operational tasks- and you will have a team with high productivity and satisfaction.

As you can see, using a qualified and proactiveness oriented Managed Service Provider will bring to your company a more powerful technology infrastructure and an IT partner who is an extension of your operation, which means less stress and more peace of mind for you!

Do you have further questions? Get to know how Proactechs could be your Managed Services Provider. Let us keep you in our Stress Free Zone!

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